Saturday, August 20, 2016

So Madigan Had A Fundraiser For Linda Chapa-LaVia

Full disclosure: I have given a small amount of money to Linda recently, it was not at this fundraiser. When she first ran for State Rep I gave money to her opponent and publicly endorsed him. I have in the past also given money and attended fundraisers for Richard Irvin.

An the other candidates are all up in arms about it.

Wow, where to start with this.

Well considering Guzman appears to be Tom's guy in this race, If you take this argument at face value I would have to say I would rather Madigan's candidate be mayor vs Tom's guy be mayor. For what it is worth I don't think it is as much of a Madigan play as they are making it out to be.

Besides Richard, I think it is hard to imagine any of the other candidates saying no to a Madigan fundraiser.  Heck Saville has raised so little money he can file on paper (and does).

What it would be interesting for the local newspaper to do, is look at whom and given to who and look for some patterns.

You might find one candidate seems to get a decent % of money from developers and people who work in real estate, you might find another candidate seems to get a decent % of their money from local lawyers, you might find one gets a decent % from PACs.

That might be interesting.

But that would require the sort of reporting that the Beacon just doesn't do anymore (if they ever did).  There may be a local blogger who might start sharing that as more financial information comes in.

Not saying who mind you....

The Beacon Learns that Aurora Exists South of Ogden.

There was a fatal accident on Heggs and 30, if you live out in this part of town this does not come as a surprise to you at all.

The Wolf's Crossing (not Wolf road as the article I am going to link to says) intersection at 30 gets backed up going westbound past Eola during morning and evening rush.  It gets worse once school starts with the buses headed to both Oswego East, kids driving to OE and buses headed down to Murphy Jr High.  The change in the intersection of 30  & Wolfs Crossing to use a left turn lane helps, but a light with a turn arrow (as was suggested when speedway went in and ignored) would also help.  Changing the interval on the light would also be a good idea to give traffic on Wolfs crossing more time during the AM  might help.

But hey, the Beacon News is now on it.  The Beacon News has discovered at least for a moment that there is part of Aurora that exists south of 34 and attends the Oswego school district.  But in traditional Beacon News style, they made sure that they didn't really start asking questions until something bad enough happened that the government entities involved were going to have to take immediate action.

Some newspapers report on things that lead to government action, the Beacon waits until government is already going to do something so that way no one looks bad.

Sometimes I think there is a sign in the newsroom (such as it is now) that says "Make Sure No One In Aurora Area Government Looks Bad"

Monday, March 14, 2016


US Senate

James Marter gets at least 35% of the vote.

Democratic Presidential

Sanders by 3%


Trump wins Illinois, Kasich

Kane County

Lauzen mops the floor with Shepro

Dr. Bob & Martinez both in squeakers.

State Rep:

Madigan wins by 20%
Dunkin by 5%

Cook County Attorney General

Foxx by 10%

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Well Richard Is In

Back in May I put the odds of Richard Irvin running at about 80% it turns out I was right on that one. He is going to run, he has referred to being mayor as his life's callling.

So we have Linda in, Richard in, Alderman Mike Saville is thinking about it and Kurt Becker is thinking about it (but would have to move to town).

The Beacon (behind the paywall) also had some stuff about Richard being really complementary to Tom, I think it is safe to say that Saville would be so complementary to Tom that that you might think that he is Tom's PR guy.

 If Becker doesn't run and you end up with Linda, Richard and Saville, it may end up that Linda will end up being the least complementary to Tom.

Think about that...  Linda will end up being the anti-establishment candidate.

Monday, December 07, 2015

It's Not Me, It's You...

Dear Republican Party.

If a candidate who says we need to keep people of any race, creed, gender or sexuality out of our country is taken seriously as a candidate at the national level I really can't identify with that party in any way shape or form anymore.  I realize there have been local folks who have had these ideas for quite some time, but it isn't that hard to find idiots at the local level in virtually any group, be it political party or organization.

That being said, when you are considering a national leader who think that, you have to count me out. I don't care how popular the idea might, how well it may poll or help someone in the polls.  We all have our limits and you have hit mine.

I know I have commented in the past that politics isn't church and it is about winning not about being 'pure'.

But I can't nor do I want to self identify with any group who has a leader who thinks crap like this is good policy or morally right.

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Dear Every Candidate Besides Trump

Stop talking about secure backdoors into encryption...

  •  The idea is silly, there is no such thing as a secure back door. You put a back door in at some point someone you don't want to enter said door, will..
  • There is plenty of hard to crack encryption algorithms such as RSA  exist and don't have backdoors.

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Lauzen vs Shepro...

Well it looks like Chris Lauzen is going to have a primary challenger, Ken Shepro.

Full disclosure, I know both of them, haven't talked to either of them in a while but know both of them.  Also at one time I worked for a candidate that ran against Chris so suffice to say I am not likely one of his preferred guys in town. Also will say that after working for a local dairy guy I have purchased fund raising tickets to a couple of Chris' events. At one point in my life I sat in a fair number of meetings with Ken.

Now that we have that out of the way.

I don't think this is going to be close.  Lauzen has managed to keep the tax levee where it was when he took office, just like he said he would.  I have not always been a Lauzen fan, but I have to say he has done a better job than I expected as Chairman and has even worked better with Democrats than I expected.   The keeping the tax levee where it was at is huge.

Ken's a nice guy, but having seen both of them in action, Lauzen has better skills on the trail by far. I also suspect that this will be seen as the last gasp by the ABC (Anyone But Chris) crew.

Here is a statement for Ken
Shepro said the county's regional plan commission and farmland preservation committees no longer function. There is no economic development focus or staff that Shepro said he is aware of.
Well Ken to be blunt, the average Republican voter can really care less about a county regional plan commission.  I would say that is true for the average voter in general.

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

The Lost Benefit Of The Doubt...

Between in video in Chicago and GI Joe I would argue that the benefit of the doubt that police have had in Chicagoland when there may be two stories about what happened when the police are involved with something happens may be gone.

If Anita is still running on primary day...

I think it will demonstrate she is perhaps the most deluded elected official since Rod...

Seriously, is anyone buying the I wanted to wait for the feds thing...

I suspect she will finish her term but I would like to think someone with some responsibility is going to sit down with her and point out how the primary is likely unwinnable and the general will be unwinnable.